The Danny Pants - The story

The Danny pants - the story
We don't usually give names to our product. Only when the person behind the name is extra special to us 💖
The Danny pants is named after Daniela. For those who had the chance to meet, virtually or in person, with Daniela, you know she was part of the Kid's Stuff [Trucs d'enfants] team as marketing coordinator. Not only did she bring new marketing ideas to the table, she brought laughter and joy at the studio!
She now works for a Montreal based fashion brand in buying and I miss her everyday! Good thing we are still friends and regularly send each voice 10 minutes long voice messages 🤭 Same old same old!
When I sent her a photo of the new kid's wide leg pants (in a print launching next month!!) she fell in love with it and immediately said she needed one for herself!
The Danny pants was born and approved by Daniela!
So now...should we offer the wide leg pants in adult version? 🫣
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