Promoting a free future for our children

Promoting a free future for our children

In recent years, gender-neutral clothing has gained popularity. According to Klarna, 50% of young people from Generation Z have purchased clothing outside of their gender identity. It’s the new trend in self-expression, and for good reason! Here are a few reasons why buying this type of clothing for your child is a step in the right direction:

Freedom of expression.

By removing societal constraints assigned to genders, you offer your child the opportunity to explore their identity and, ultimately, their personality. Even if they don’t fully understand it right now, they can still decide how they want to present themselves to the world.

Enhances creativity and self-confidence.

The freedom to combine outfits as they wish stimulates your child’s creativity, and we already know that creativity increases happiness. You give them the chance to try new things and dress according to their emotions. It creates a space where they feel comfortable and safe, which, in turn, boosts their self-confidence. According to a study on children's happiness conducted by Ewha Womans University in 2016, aesthetic satisfaction is the third factor contributing to their happiness at 14.0%, with the primary factor being the satisfaction of the desire to play at 29.7%.

Strengthens inclusivity and reduces bullying.

We have all known gender (and often sexist) stereotypes, like girls not being good at sports or boys never supposed to cry… we are here today to change these beliefs. It goes far beyond girls wearing blue and boys wearing pink. A gender-neutral wardrobe is an invitation to respect others. The concept of gender binarism is a social construct that is complex and difficult for children to grasp, so why not get rid of it once and for all? The absence of this gender perception will allow children to treat each other equally and fairly.

Encourages independence.

The feeling of independence is essential in children, even when they are very young. By giving them the choice to wear what they want, they improve their decision-making process, an important skill to have as they grow older.

To recapitulate, it’s not just about the clothing — we are promoting a future where our children feel free, respected, and safe. Additionally, help your children discover themselves by giving them the freedom to choose, whether it’s in their wardrobe or in their daily life!

Mélissa Abdul Baki


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