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Bloomer shorts

A new style for the warm season, the bubble short! Made of hemp and organic cotton, our baggy shorts offers style and comfort for your mini.

The ample cut provides comfort in movement, perfect for washable diapers and babywearing.

Made of hemp and organic cotton, the fabric is soft, breathable, will last for a long time and become softer the more you wash it.

Composition: 55% hemp, 45% Organic cotton

Care instructions: Machine wash and air dry.

Each bloomer is handmade in Montreal

What is Hemp? 

Hemp textiles are made from industrial 'cannibus sativa' fibers.  Hemp plants grow very quickly, without the use of chemical herbicides or pesticides and produce high yield commercial crops which optimize both land use and available resources.  Hemp also returns a significant amount of the nutrients it takes from the soil leaving it rich and ready for new crops.

Exceptional tensile strength, naturally hypo-allergenic, offering UV protection and with the ability to help with thermo-regulation, hemp textiles are multipurpose and multi-functional. 

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