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Grow with me sarouel shorts

Our shorts are available in five sizes, and like all of our other garments, the shorts are grow with me, which means you simply need to adjust them by rolling the hem according to the growth of your children!  When the hem is unfolded, the shorts can be worn as capri.

The ample cut provides comfort in movement, perfect for washable diapers and babywearing.

Made of hemp and organic cotton.   Hemp is a the top of the list of the most environmentally friendly fibers, among other things, due to its low use of water during the transformation process. Hemp is also a temperature regulator, so it will help your minis stay cool this summer and warm if the garment is worn in winter. This material mixed with cotton is soft to the touch and softer over time with washing. In addition, hemp has antibacterial properties and is very resistant. 

Composition: 55% hemp, 45% Organic cotton

Care instructions: Machine wash and air dry.

Each bloomer is handmade in Montreal

*The baby in the picture is wearing a size 0-6 months and he is  2 months old. 

*The mini in the pictures is wearing a size 18-4 years and he is 2 years old. 

** Color varies depending on the pictures. The picture of the flat clothe on a white background is the true color

What is Hemp? 

Hemp textiles are made from industrial 'cannibus sativa' fibers.  Hemp plants grow very quickly, without the use of chemical herbicides or pesticides and produce high yield commercial crops which optimize both land use and available resources.  Hemp also returns a significant amount of the nutrients it takes from the soil leaving it rich and ready for new crops.

Exceptional tensile strength, naturally hypo-allergenic, offering UV protection and with the ability to help with thermo-regulation, hemp textiles are multipurpose and multi-functional. 

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